Purr-fect care of homeless abandoned and abused cats and kittens.

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Last Revised: 06/3/2018


About Our Adoption Program:

PURR-ANGELS is not a shelter; we do not accept owner surrendered pets. The cats/kittens that we have for adoption usually come from: homeless cat colonies that we manage; and are a part of that program - they are former pets that have been dumped or kittens that are young enough to be socialized; sometimes they are cats/kittens that we have rescued. All of them are beautiful healthy creatures that need loving forever homes.

How to Participate in Our Adoption Program:

PURR-ANGELS does not maintain an open hours schedule; when we have cats/kittens available for adoption we post them on this Web-Site and a notice is sent to FACEBOOK. We also post the information on the front window of our building located at 100 Payne Lane, Yreka, California. If you are interested in a particular cat, please contact the person listed in the adoption posting.

Purr-Angels Adoptions:

All the cats and kittens in Purr-Angel's adoption program have been spay/neutered and vaccinated. Purr-Angel's adoption donation of $25 is tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization.

Sorry, there are currently no cats available for adoption from Purr-Angels. Check back often, we have new cats and kittens coming in all the time!

Communtiy Service Adoptions:

As a community service we may post cats/kittens which contain a referral to an outside contact. These adoptions are outside of our organization and are to be arranged between the parties involved. PURR-ANGELS is not involved in any way with these adoptions beyond providing this Community Service Posting. If you are interested in any of these cats, please contact the person listed in their information.

Sorry, there are currently no cats available for adoption from the community. Check back often, we have new cats and kittens needing homes all the time!

Last Revised 6/3/2018