We’ve Moved!            

Our new location is:
106 E Oberlin Rd      Yreka, CA 96097


To provide compassionate care for and population control of feral/homeless felines through colony management programs, abandoned or abused cat and kitten foster and adoption programs and spay/neuter/vaccinate clinics.


PURR-ANGELS is a local grass roots, all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving Siskiyou County, CA. #20-175838


Spay/neuter/vaccinate and treat feral, homeless, abandoned and abused felines.

Spay/neuter/vaccinate clinics for feral/homeless cats are held by appointment each month. We do not accept pet cats in our clinics: our primary goal is to control the feral/homeless feline population of Siskiyou County-more than 5,400 cats have been through our clinics. Our services are free of charge to the community but we do ask that you support the Clinics by donating what you can to help offset the ever-rising costs of medical/surgical supplies and vaccines.

Sustain healthy feline colonies through colony management programs.

PURR-ANGELS maintains regular feeding programs in various colonies throughout the area. Shelters and feeders are placed where volunteers provide food and water on a regular basis. We also help community backyard feeders with food when we can. Food donations are always needed and are appreciated.

Make humane traps available to caregivers for transporting cats to our Clinics or to a veterinarian for treatment.

Provide assistance with placing colony cats and kittens suitable for adoption into safe loving forever homes.

 Educate and distribute literature to the public.


One of the best things about feeding the homeless cat colonies is the progression of trust built up with them. At first they are hiding behind bushes or dumpsters, then they start to know the sound of your car and they begin coming out and waiting by the food station. After a while there will be a special one who is braver than the rest, doesn’t run away when you come up, and starts to talk to you in little hello mews. If you are lucky one day you will get a chance to touch the special kitty and then she will let you pet her while she eats. If you are very lucky the special kitty will seek out your love. Some will do a little “dance of food” when you show up. Homeless colony cat love is really special because you know you have made a connection, and helped these special creatures not only survive but have a happier, safer life.

The massive over-population of the domestic cat species exists because of human irresponsibility: failure to spay/neuter pet cats and feline abandonment. Furthering this problem is the absence of effective animal control programs to discourage these acts and deal humanely with their impact.

We are trying to remedy some of these human failures with our programs of colony management, spaying/neutering/vaccinating, fostering and adoptions.

We believe we are making a difference!!